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In 2020, a concert on campus
Enrich students'campus recreational life, unlock the different sense of hearing brought by different musical instruments
December 2019 American musical instruments
During the exhibition, I am very grateful to the new and old customers for our support and trust,Our company will continue to take the good faith, the innovation, the service, win-win as always.
Exhibition activities
The diversity of Western wind instruments was fully demonstrated at the event site,Provide on-site communication and discussion opportunities for new and old customers.
The flowers of the fatherland use the ESCHERNS
Asherens'instruments are used by students on campus,To increase the choice of recreational activities for children.
French clients come to our company for guidance
The French customer personally comes to our company to carry on the related work instruction
The asherons came into the lives of performers
Into the lives of performers, so that the instrument to achieve its own value.